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Ben Steele

Ben Steele

United States Scottsdale

United States, Scottsdale
The artist and electronic musician Ben Steel, is part of Aoineko, a creative collective that work out cutting edge art, computer graphics and music.

In 2001 Aoineko was one of 30 web artists worldwide asked to participate in the Biennal de Valencia, Spain.Their work subterranean, garnered praise in Spain's chic art circles and was also exhibited at the National Museum of Art in Rome. Also in 2001, Aoineko released a one-minute short film entitled “Fragile Machines.” The film gave Aoineko so many ideas that they went back to the drawing board and started anew on a vastly expanded version.

In 2002 Aoineko received worldwide recognition for their online art project superelectronic. As a result of the Canon win, Superelectronic was exhibited internationally in Tokyo at the Aoyama Spiral, and in the US at New York University and UCLA.

In 2003 Aoineko was asked by the German art foundation Ars Electronica to submit an original work for that year's Prix Ars festival and competition, and Aoineko created Sentosa Mikano, a more tightly constructed and somber sequel to superelectronic. Aoineko submitted a six-minute preview edit of “Fragile Machine” to the Taiwanese Future Imprint Animation Competition, sponsored by Acer, and took an award that made the group especially proud, since much of film's fictional city had been inspired by living in Taiwan in 2002.

In 2004 Superelectronic and Sentosa Mikano won the top two awards in Rockstar Games' Upload competition which led to further international interest and exposure. Aoineko came to the attention of french perfume and haute couture designer Thierry Mugler. Mugler's firm and PR agency Heaven, were drawn to Aoineko's futuristic style and artistic treatment of the female form, so they flew Aoineko to Paris to discuss collaborating on a new type of fashion show. Also in 2004, British online digital art magazine pixelsurgeon.com interviewed Aoineko about the upcoming release of Fragile Machine.

During 2005 Aoineko has been in touring with solo exhibitions in the US, including screenings of Fragile Machine, as well as art prints, interactive kiosks, and new music.