Flash Forward SF

April, 2nd 2002, 10:00 am | April, 3rd 2002, 10:00 pm
April 2 – 3, 2002

Herbst Theatre, San Francisco United States, San Francisco, United States

In occasion of San Francisco Flashforward (San Francisco, Herbst Theatre, April 2nd – 3rd 2002 (http://www.flashforward2002.com), Shockart.net will present a selectioned review of web_Art works created by several international artists, almost already wellknown and apprechiated and who have already taken part to important web_Art exhibitions throught Europe (Bienal de Valencia – Valencia, Convento del Carmen; Vector Lounge – Paris, Centre George Pompidou; Web Wizards: Designers Who Define The Web – London, Design Museum Exhibition).

This great task follows the partecipation of Shockart.net, as ideator and curator of the web_Art section, at the first Valencia Biennial of the Art (Spain, summer 2001 – http://www.shockart.net/bienaldevalencia/flash.htm).

The new selection has been realized with the will of presenting some of the most interesting aspects and products of non-commercial web_design today. Each work that will be shown at shockart@flashforward will be integrated into an innovative AI engine which guides the user trought the different artworks. This is based upon an experimental technology that Shockart.net is developing in collaboration with the Engineering Faculty of the University of Study of Sannio (Italy). The AI interface technology is a new way to help the user surfing the Internet, matching the opportunities offered by CODING, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and ADVANCED COMMUNICATION.


Flash Forward SF