El Mundo Nuevo

giugno, 10º 2001, 8:00 pm | dicembre, 8º 2001, 11:00 pm
June 10 - December 8, 2001

Centro Cultural El Carmen, Valencia Spain, Valencia, Spain

On the 13th of June 2001 there was the great opening of Valencia Art Biennial Exhibition. A section of this event, called “El Mundo Nuevo” (“The New World”) was entirely dedicated to the contemporary culture and to the new languages by means of which, at present, the creativity finds expression and on which it settles its revolutionary communication codes.

It’s a section that runs through the virtual, cared by KwArt (www.kwart.com) the Art gate of Kataweb, that has entrusted Shockart.net with the task of picking out new artists operating into the web. Among them, thirty was selected by KwArt and Shockart.net and presented in Valencia in an area, called “El Mundo Nuevo”, entirely dedicated to them besides the Biennial and KwArt sites.

The operation has already been set up by Shockart.net, who’s spotting works aiming at spreading and informing about the present energy that runs across, still in a too silent way, data communication channels, claiming the communicative effectiveness of artistic expressions in continuous evolution whose prerogative is that of transmitting a thought without ever looking away from the most innovative formal and structural solutions. KwArt and Shockart.net propose themselves as vehicles of these languages.

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El Mundo Nuevo