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Claudio Guerrieri

Claudio Guerrieri

Italy Roma

Italy, Roma
Architect, "hybrid" designer who is passionate about creativity and all kinds of experimental languages and "Underground" expression: counterculture, design and new media.

In 1999 he co-founded B_muvis videocrew, pioneers about vjing in Italy.
In 2001 gave his personal tribute to create FLxER vj mixer.
Vj since 1999, alongside with his crew and individually he performed with the best DJs on the world scene in the best parties and clubs in Italy.
In 2000 he was co-founder of Bluecheese Factory, a kind of permanent experimental laboratory for contemporary languages: installations, music, video, web-art, theater, performance, photography.

In 2008 he founded Spaghetticreative, a network of designers, graphic designers, visual artists, writers, dealing with creativity, art, design and communication.

Art director, curator and project manager of many cultural events including: “Tutto Normale opening party” - Accademia di Francia, 2002, “Hi-Fight” - Municipio X Roma, 2002-2005, “On Fire - La Notte Bianca“- Comune di Roma, 2003-2006, “Eco art Village"- Estate Romana, 2007, “Extra Light”- Festa del Cinema di Roma, 2007, “Chill out Design”- Mattatoio Testaccio, Roma, 2007, “Urban re-creation – Rione Garbatella, Roma, 2008, "Smart Urban Stage", Roma, 2010 - "Live Cinema Festival", 2014-2017

"Mine is the generation of the Commodore 64, was born with TV and grew up with bread and videogames...I take everything I have under my eyes, I break it, I reshuffle it and then I vomite all it over the dancing crowd."